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From itinerant alternative cabaret nights to the legendary Brighton seafront club to international event production, for the last twenty-five years the word ZAP has been synonymous with the leading edge of arts and entertainment. Over roughly the same period the city of Brighton & Hove has become a vibrant centre for artistic experimentation.

With a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Zap Art has preserved its unrivalled collection of cultural artefacts - posters, flyers, programmes, videos and photographs - and created a book and a digital archive. The archive links with Programmes of Study at the University of Brighton, enabling students to research recent cultural phenomena as well as gain experience and skills related to archiving.

You too can study the Zap story - year by year, month by month. Download the Zap Archive Introduction to learn how the website material is organised.

You can also download the book chapter by chapter for a wide ride across the Zap's diverse cultural terrain:

> Introduction
> Chapter One: Zap - The Early Years
> Chapter Two: The Zap Club Years
> Chapter Three: Music & Club Culture
> Chapter Four: Beyond the Zap Club
> Chapter Five: Zap Today

Dave Reeves, Artistic Director, Zap Art
Telephone: 01273 821588 davereeves@zapuk.com

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