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Timeline » 1996 » Zap Club May Listings
Zap Club May Listings
Zap Club May Listings


1 – 31 May
Zap Club, Brighton

Zap Club May Listings
May 1996’s listing refers to improvements made at the club that came into full effect in time the Brighton Festival. These improvements included better access for wheelchair users, increased capacity, an induction loop for deaf audiences and the Zap Café and pre-club bar. It also lists the Zap’s festival programme, which included Australia’s Club Bent and the Aids Positive Underground Theatre pushing to the limit ideas about the body and physicality, desire, transgression and sexual identity.

The flyer also announces razor sharp comedy from Rhona Cameron and The Deaf Comedians and music ranging from salsa to the speed of the jungle, from psychedelic trance to The Popes and the Chemical Brothers. Weekends were characterised by Vive La Shaft, Tuff Red 7 and the new Pussycat club.

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