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With the arches sold, you might imagine that Zap personnel had little to do in 1998, but nothing could be further from the truth. With support from the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England, they were extremely busy unrolling the first co-ordinated programme of street theatre in the UK.

The National Street Arts Festival was a three-year programme designed to capitalise on the excitement of six existing highly successful festivals �Streets of London’, �StreetFeast in West Midlands’, �Streets of the South West’, �Streets of the South’, �Streets of Brighton’ and �Streets of the East Midlands’. Whilst expanding the national and international programme by encouraging extra participation and involvement from partners and funders, the Festival was also commissioning new work and organising further educational events and activities.

As Festival Director, Dave Reeves explained at the time, “Continental Europe has embraced Street Arts for many years, while in Britain this artform is beginning to �come of age’. The National Street Arts Festival will offer astonishing and accessible creativity to millions of people across the country, working alongside existing festivals and organisations.”


Zap Gala
4th Streets of Brighton
Dance into the Brighton Festival

Honey Club
3rd Darlington Festival
3rd Streets of the East Midlands
6th Streets of London

4th Streets of the South
4th Streets of the South West
1st Streets of the North

4th StreetFeast

2nd Tunbridge Wells Winter Street Festival
Pussycat Club

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