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Mahogany Carnival Arts
Mahogany Carnival Arts


In 1998 the National Street Arts Festival, a partnership project led by Zap, had visited over thirty five towns and cities throughout the UK and France and commissioned twenty new pieces of work. It had also helped to animate regeneration in town centres throughout the UK and was described by The Times as “a refreshingly demotic carnival of culture.” But in the run up to the Millennium nobody was complacent.

Starting in January, the Zap was activating plans to steer the 1999 National Street Arts Festival towards a major national Millennium celebration with a focus on Brighton, the Zap’s home where Dave Reeves was the events director; Aberdeen, where events were organised by Robin Morley and Glasgow, where Neil Butler encouraged Ian Smith to create a 45 foot flame belching Space Rocket and crash it into the city while alien visitors, military personnel, fake police and demonstrators mingled with the crowds.

As a springboard to develop street art into the 21st Century, the Zap also co-ordinated National Street Arts conferences in Brighton and Leicester and continued to introduce UK street performances into mainland Europe at the same time as encouraging cultural exchanges between festivals.


5th Streets of Brighton

7th Streets of London
1st Streets of the Midlands
5th Streets of the South

5th Streets of the South West
2nd Streets of the North

3rd Tunbridge Wells Winter Street Festival
Millennium New Years Eve Celebrations
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