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Timeline » 1989 » Zap Club May / June Listings
Zap Club May / June Listings
Laurie Booth in 'Fixed Memory Fixed'
Laurie Booth in 'Fixed Memory Fixed'


1 May - 30 June
Zap Club, Brighton

Zap Club May / June Listings
The May programme in the newly expanded club was, as tradition dictated, linked to the Brighton Festival. It included the premiere of Etheldreda in �8 ½’ - a work inspired by Fellini’s classic film which was described by the dance duo as “a gorgeously lush feast of exotic characters” and �Fixed Memory Fix’ starring famous choreographer and performer Laurie Booth.

Also on the bill was Steve Shill’s �The Empire’ a blend of humour, fantasy and cruelty in which a pregnant woman aimed to get closer to her child and Man Act in �Radio Sing Sing’. Conceived and performed by Simon Thorne and Philip Mackenzie, this was a tale about the first two white explorers to penetrate the hinterland of Papua New Guinea.

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