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Timeline » 1990 » Zap Club May / June Listings
Zap Club May / June Listings


1 May – 30 June
Zap Club, Brighton

Zap Club May / June Listings
Despite its title, this flyer actually promotes a classic Zap programme for the 1990 Brighton Festival covering May and June with performances ranging from “the outrageous to the satirical, the challenging to the uniquely entertaining”.

Of note, was Yes / No People with ?Stomp’, Action Syndicate with ?A Perfect Action’ and Man Act with ?Slow Dancing’. In addition, there was the usual Performance Platform, which showcased new, exciting and experimental performances including an adaptation of Frank Kafka’s ?The Trial’ from Artamalgam Tank. The theme of the festival was The New Europe and The Trial, set in a pre-Glasnost regime, was the story of one man’s struggle against a corrupt governmental organisation.


A Perfect Action
Steve Williamson and Pinski Zoo
Slow Dancing
Zap Awards
Sunday Night at the Zap

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